China is the second largest market in food supplement.
We’ve been providing “Blue Hat” registration/notification services to our customers for nearly one decade. We possess 200+ Blue Hat licenses covering all VMS and major functional claims as per relevant China health product regulations .Leveraging our expertise and experience in domestic “Blue Hat” product development, we are able to provide imported health food “Blue Hat” registration/notification services.

Products NO Type
Vitamin E & Vitamin C Lozenge WeiShiJianZi(2003) No.0148 Vitamin&Mineral
Vitamin C Lozenge WeiShiJianZi(1998) No.254 Vitamin&Mineral
Multivitamin with Se tablet (Adult)  GuoShiJianZi G20040005 Vitamin&Mineral
Multivitamin with Fe & Zn lozenge (Children) WeiShiJianZi(2003) No.0415 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland Vitamin C,D plus Calcium Chewable Tablets(4-10years old) GuoShiJianZhu G20090421 Vitamin&Mineral
CaFeZn plus Vitamin C Chewable Tablets(4-10years old) GuoShiJianZhu G20100128 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland Natural Beta-Carotene Softgels GuoShiJianZhu G20080613 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® folic acid & iron chewable tablet (Pregnancy)  GuoShiJianZhu G20170150 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin B-Complex lozenge GuoShiJianZhu G20170321 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Multivitamin & Mineral chewable tablet (7-10 years old)  GuoShiJianZhu G20170458 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland folic acid & iron tablet (for Pregnancy and lactation)  GuoShiJianZhu G20170204 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® folic acid & iron chewable tablet (for Pregnancy and lactation)  GuoShiJianZhu G20170540 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin C plus pantothenic acid and Mg powder GuoShiJianZhu G20170343 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland ®Vitamin E Softgel GuoShiJianZhuG 20170104 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin A,D Softgels(1-3 years old) GuoShiJianZhu G20170421 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin C chewable tablet(blueberry flavor) GuoShiJianZhu G20170594 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin K,D plus Calcium Chewable Tablets GuoShiJianZhu G20170674 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland folic acid & iron tablet (Pregnancy)  GuoShiJianZhu G20170838 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Multimineral & Ca powder GuoShiJianZhu G20170885 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin C & Zinc chewable tablet GuoShiJianZhu G20170679 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland® Vitamin D3 Softgel GuoShiJianZhu G20170726 Vitamin&Mineral
Aland Vitamin D plus Calcium Chewable Tablets (for 4-10 years old) GuoShiJianZhu G20170782 Vitamin&Mineral

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