Softgels as supplementation dosage form can be widely used in Vitamins and Minerals, Plant Extracts, Cardiovascular Health, Vision Health and other areas. IVC is also capable of developing and manufacturing chewable flavored Softgel (chewable Burstlet) and own patent vegetarian softgel (iVgel™).

Product Type

Gelatin Softgels
Veggie Softgels
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Bi-color Softgels


Quality Factory

GMP workshop with several international certifications, such as TGA/BRC/NSF/IFS.

Veggie Softgels

IVC Veggie Softgels have better thermal stability than gelatin softgels, as the same time, be able to meet the needs of vegetarian population.

Best Selling

Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin E Softgels
Fish Oil Softgels
Natural Lycopene Softgels
Evening Primrose Oil Softgels
Alpha Lipoic Acid Softgels
Lecithin Softgels

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