High quality powder in various recipes: find your perfect private label product solution with us. High quality powder in various recipes, and you can find your perfect private label product solution with us. Powder has become more and more popular in the market because of its multiple types. Products including vitamin, protein, probiotics and other dietary supplement powder account for a large part of the market, especially protein powder. Apart from regular Protein powder, IVC is also capable of developing and manufacturing protein powder featuring low GI (low Glycemic Index).

Product Type

Effervescent Powder
Micro-effervescent Powder
Meal Replacement
Rapid Dissolve Powder
Sport Nutrition


Diversified Products

Contains various products available to be found on the market with various packages like strip pack, bag pack, can pack and handshake pack.

Sensory Laboratory

A sensory analysis system to ensure the reliability and authenticity of food sensory evaluation results. Providing a good platform and support for the correct evaluation of food sensory attributes.

Stability Test

Accelerated stability testing to ensure the stability of sensory and nutrients during the shelf life.

Best Selling

BCAA Energy Powder
Collagen Powder
Concentrated Whey Protein Powder
Drinking Powder
Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme Powder
LAB4 Probiotics Powder
Low-Gi Meal Replacement Powder
Peptides Powder
L-Carnitine Whey Protein Powder

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