Nutraceutical Gummy

Vitamin gummy is one of three top-selling dietary supplement dosage forms in the U.S. And Melatonin Gummy, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy, Multivitamin Gummy, Ashwagandha Gummy, Collagen Gummy, etc. are the trending. Gummy can also increase the compliance. If your targeting customers are children, teenager and young adults, vitamin gummy would be a good choice.2022/11/14【Ready to market lists 22.11.14 IVC Nutrition Gummies

明胶型软糖 (1)
Gelatin Gummies

Firm and elastic texture;
a sense of strong chewiness


Brittle and tender texture;
a sense of clean bite

Mixed Gel Gummies

Soft and elastic texture;
a sense of rich taste

Fruit puree concentrate-based

Not a real gummy; instead, they're bites made with real, farm grown fruits. suitable for vegetarian lifestyles

IVC Proprietary Technologies

IVC Proprietary Technologies

*Next generation Sugar-free technology: plant-based fibers;
*Multi- vitamins & minerals Suspension technology;
*Center-filled gummy technology;
*Double-layer gummy technology;
*Taste masking technology;
*Improve the stability of active ingredients



Your can have a customized mold,formula and taste belonging to your brand;
We have packaging design department to provide you suitable packaging, even eco-friendly;
Different clean labels & excipient.

R&D capacity

More than 2000+ gummy formulas in the house and The ability serving different countries or regions.

Great tasting

The flavor plays an important role for gummy, IVC has professional team committed to this.Now, our ability has obtained the global honor.

Regulations & Certification

Our manufacturing process is conducted in strict compliance with cGMP requirements of global;
Our regulation team can suggest your different acceptance criteria for different countries.

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