Probiotics have high market recognition and are widely used in the fields of Intestinal Health, Oral Health, and Female Personal Care. IVC has an independent probiotic production workshop with advanced production process, ensuring the stability of live bacteria during the production process.

Product Type

Probiotic Effervescent Powder
Probiotic Tablets
Probiotic Capsules
Probiotic Micro-effervescent Tablets


Shelf Life Guarantee

IVC's unique strain compounding technology and rigorous production process ensure the labeled claim of live bacteria within shelf life .

Advanced Detection Technology

IVC live bacteria detection technology is accurate.

Superior Compounding Technology of Live Bacteria

IVC's unique compounding technology is beneficial to the survival of live bacteria and keep the strain active.

Best Selling

Probiotic Drinking Powder
Probiotic Micro-effervescent Tablets
Probiotic Tablet Candy
Multivitamin Probiotic Effervescent Powder

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