2024 HNC Wraps Up Successfully

Thrilled to share our wonderful moments in Shanghai at HNC 2024! HNC China has become a grand event with international influence bringing together industry’s high-quality brands and manufacturers.

This year, IVC team showcased “next-level” solutions.

*New business model: IVC global facilities work together bringing innovation solution for global customers.

*Twelve “stars” were launched as they clinched the “2024 Superior Taste Award” for their exceptional tasting including gummy, liquid, powder, tablet, and chewable burstlet.

*New products launch: IVC CAREPACK™& IVC FRUITBITZ™

*New technologies: emulsifying, taste-masking, sugar free gummy2.0 (no sugar alcohol), etc.

Learn more at: https://lnkd.in/gKHjGQds

See you next year!

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Add Time: Jun-25-2024

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